Our Temperature Control Division specializes in ensuring the integrity of your perishable products from pickup through arrival at destination. Recent capital investments in this division mean we can offer substantially more equipment with technological superiority. That means your temperature- sensitive products will not only arrive in good time—they will arrive in good condition.


Alliance Shippers Inc. is the nation's largest mover of refrigerated intermodal shipments. There are many reasons why we've risen to become the country's leading intermodal shipper for refrigerated products.

They Include:

  • A temperature-control fleet that includes more than 2,100 53’ technologically advanced CARB-compliant refrigerated trailers
  • All of our refrigerated intermodal shipments move on priority transit schedules on the nation's class one railroads
  • Each trailer has a 120-gallon fuel tank capacity to keep products at the correct temperature—and shipments move on expedited transit schedules
  • All trailers equipped with two-way satellite communication, enabling us to have complete visibility and control of our refrigerated fleet
  • We are a SmartWay Transport Partner



Temperature Control Fleet Size


Temp Control ‘R® Thermal Protective Cover

Named for what it does, Temp Control ‘R is a revolutionary Thermal Protective Cover (TPC) service that protects your temperature sensitive shipments from fluctuations in cold and heat regardless of outside weather conditions. From origin through transit to final destination, Temp Control ‘R is an exceptional alternative to more conventional – and much more expensive – insulated or reefer equipment.

Temp Control ’R provides:

  • Excellent performance for both cold and heat protections
  • Compact configuration and built-in covers, making it exceptionally user-friendly
  • Extremely simple installation that can be done by one person in a matter of minutes
  • Considerable transportation cost savings, and the shipper/customer is freed from capital investments, freight positioning, maintenance costs and responsibility; Alliance handles it all!
  • A beginning-to-end guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction, backed by our pro-active Asset Management System and standard-setting Preventative Maintenance Program

Exclusive to Alliance Shippers Inc. our Temp Control 'R® is a revolutionary Thermal Protective Cover (TPC) service that protects your temperature-sensitive shipments from fluctuations in cold and heat regardless of outside weather conditions, making it an alternative to conventional insulated or refrigerated equipment.

Temp Control ‘R TPC Reliability and Performance

Actual test results based on coast-to-coast shipments showed the typical temperature changes below the TPC was within two degrees per day of transit,* making Temp Control ‘R a very viable alternative to refrigerated and insulated containers for many different products.

* Actual results may vary based on commodity, packaging, load density and weather extremes.


Transport Use and Impact with Temp Control ‘R TPC

Both USDA and FDA approved for use on food and drug products, Temp Control ‘R is also environmentally safe. Coupled with its use in intermodel shipments, it even benefits the environment by helping to significantly reduce exhaust emissions. TPC burns no fuel!
Distinguishing it from its competition, our system enables the TPC to properly span load voids without sagging into them. The system functions the same when there is variation in load height, maintaining the integrity of the fit and ensuring total encapsulation of the load – start to finish.


Installing a TPC

Begin loading your temperature sensitive shipment into any standard trailer or container.

Bring in the TPC and attach the pull cords to the cover.

Carry cords to the rear of trailer or container and finish loading freight.

Pull the TPC over the load by pulling the cords towards you and set the TPC flush to the floor.

Remove cords and record the serial number on the BOL.